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Lawn Maintenance

Sherry Lavin has successfully built her lawn care and landscaping business over the last 16 years by “hard work and dedication to detail”.  She says it best, “I take care of Gods land, and I just love what I do!”  

Simply put "we specialize in the details!"  This is accomplish by hiring employees who take pride in their work.  In addition, every crew is sent out with a supervisor assuring that the highest quality of service is delivered to our valued customers.


Complete Site Maintenance  

- Spring and Fall Clean Ups

- Lawn Cutting

- Fertilization and Aeration

- Tree Removal

Complete Landscape Maintenance  

- Annuals, Mums and Bulbs              

- Bed Edging and Mulch

- Shrub and Tree Trimming

- Weeding


- Maintenance of existing systems

- Repair of existing systems

- Renovation of existing systems

Customers We Serve

                                      - Residential Properties                                 - Condominiums and Apartment Complexes

- Corporate Headquarters                              - Industrial Properties

- Commercial Complexes                              - Religious Institutions